2018 Writer Mentorship

Announcing the 2018 Writer Mentorship Program!

The 2018 writer mentorship focus is nonfiction or fiction Picture Books. Our mentor is the wonderful PB author, Ann Ingalls. Application for the Ellen Dolan Mentorship for Writers is open to any current Kansas/Missouri SCBWI member not published in PB. Applications are screened by a panel of judges, with three chosen to submit for blind review to the mentor. The winner will work with the mentor for one year on a mutually agreed upon project. The winner will also receive a scholarship covering registration cost to the Kansas/Missouri SCBWI conference in 2017.

Cost: Free to SCBWI Kansas and Missouri members

When: Deadline to apply is June 30, 2017


Send Lynnea Annette (lynneaannette (at) gmail.com) an email with two Word attachments:  one is the complete PB manuscript, double-spaced with 12 point font, and one is your cover letter. (Include things like how long you have been writing, what types of manuscripts you’ve written, why you’d like to work with Ann. Think of it as a query letter to Anne.) 

Please read and follow these guidelines carefully in order for your manuscript to receive full consideration.

1.  Do not place your name on either the cover letter or manuscript because the mentor will see both.  Instead, choose a nonsense word or phrase, and replace your name with that word on both the cover letter and the manuscript.


2.   Save your documents with that same nonsense word.  For example:  Lollyland letter.  Lollyland manuscript.


3.  Attach both the cover letter and the manuscript to an email These attachments must be Word documents.   


4.  In the body of the email only, reveal to Lynnea both your name and your nonsense word or phrase.  Anyone who puts her real or pen name anywhere in the attached application materials will be disqualified.  


MeAbout the Mentor: Ann Ingalls

Ann Ingalls blames her 9th grade teacher for telling her that she had absolutely no ability as a writer.  This made her more determined than ever to succeed. Though Ann enjoyed many years as an elementary and special education teacher, she always harbored a secret wish to be published. Her picture books, The Little Piano Girl, J is for Jazz, Fairy Floss: The Sweet Story of Cotton Candy (2017), The Twelve Days of Christmas in Missouri (Sterling 2017) illustrated by the ever-so-talented Laura Huliska Beith, and emergent readers Ice Cream Soup, Biggety Bat: Hot Diggety! And Biggety Bat: Chow Down! have all been a labor of love. 

Ann has spoken at Missouri Association of School Librarians, Missouri State University, Park University and at regional events for the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. As a former teacher, it is her real pleasure to speak to students and aspiring writers. Ann looks very forward to helping a picture book author in the way she has been helped by others. If you apply, plan to study the picture book market, see what is out there, pay attention to what works and doesn’t in that marketplace, and spend loads of time with your rear in a chair and fingers poised above the keyboard while waiting for inspiration.  All the while, the goal will be to make your book submission ready for agents and editors.  Ann lives and writes in Kansas City, Missouri.

For more about Ann and her books, check out the links below.

Website:  www.anningalls.com

Ann’s books can be purchased through Ann’s website or at Barnes and NobleAmazon.com, or Indiebound Books.


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