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Getting feedback on your work is an important part of the creative process for both writers and illustrators. Feedback helps us to grow as creative individuals and to gain confidence. Both help us to prepare our work for publication. 

A critique group is a group of writers dedicated to helping each other perfect their writing skills.  Traditional critique groups meet in person on a regular basis.  They read each other’s manuscripts and give comments to the author. On-line groups meet in cyber space and provide critiques through e-mail or websites.

Kansas / Missouri SCBWI offers a number of resources for helping you gain feedback on your work. Click on the options below for more details.

Critique services are a benefit only available to current members of SCBWI. If you are not a member and would like to join, please click here.



Getting Started & FAQs

Joining or starting a critique group can be overwhelming for those who are new to them. Visit this page for more information about the benefits, what to expect, and tips to help them succeed.


Kansas / Missouri Critique Groups

Any SCBWI member can attend open Critique Groups in your area. Click here to view our current critique group list. While those listed are not official SCBWI critique groups, many members belong to them and find them helpful for refining their manuscripts or portfolios. If your critique group is not on this list, please contact us at to be added.


SCBWI Discussion Boards

SCBWI Blueboards have threads where SCBWI members can request critique partners and respond to requests. These critique partnerships are usually online only. Click HERE for the SCBWI Blueboards.