Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Spread the Word Contest

Want to win a $30 gift card to the bookstore at the 2022 Middle of the Map conference?


WHAT –  Participate in the “Spread the Word Contest” to help future children’s book writers and illustrators find our organization!


WHO – *YOU, but you MUST BE A MEMBER and PRE-REGISTERED FOR THE CONFERENCE TO WIN (but please feel free to share on social media regardless of registration).


WHEN – Between now and November 3rd. Final entrants must complete participation by 5:00pm on November 3, 2022.




 Earn points by spreading the word! Each point earned represents the number of times your name gets in the “hat” for the random drawing. The more points you earn, the better your chance of winning!


Retweet –  (1pt)  Retweet the official Kansas/Missouri SCBWI Middle of the Map Spread the Word Tweet found on @scbwi_ksmo with the hashtag #ksmo22scbwi


Twitter or Instagram (2pts) –  Compose and send a tweet or Instagram post promoting the Middle of the Map Conference or copy and paste one of the tweets below. Make sure you include @scbwi_ksmo and #ksmo22scbwi


Tweet examples (feel free to copy and paste):


Want to publish a children’s book? Join us @scbwi_ksmo Middle of the Map Conference! #ksmo22scbwi


Everything you need to know about children’s publishing @scbwi_ksmo Middle of the Map Conference! #ksmo22scbwi


So you’ve written a children’s book. What’s next? Find out @scbwi_ksmo Middle of the Map Conference! #ksmo22scbwi

Facebook (2 pts) Compose a Facebook post and copy a link to this post and email your “proof” to  Katie O’Malley at with Spread the Word as the subject line.


IMAGES (3 pts) Social media w/an image and get more bang for your effort (3pts): You can download the attached flyer and add one to your tweet, Instagram, or Facebook post to go all-in!


Hang fliers (5pts!) Take a picture of yourself hanging the Kansas/Missouri SCBWI conference flyer at your local bookstore, library, or coffee shop and tweet it to @scbwi_ksmo with hashtag #ksmo22scbwi or Instagram it to @ksmo_scbwi with the hashtag #ksmo22scbwi.


or Low-tech option (still 5pts!)  Hang flyer and Email the picture to: Katie O’Malley at with Spread the Word as the subject line.

Have fun and share often! We will announce the winner at the end of October!

CLICK HERE to download the conference flyer!