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MOTM Portfolio Showcase Submissions

 (for conference attendees)- The Portfolio Showcase offers illustrators a chance to display their work to faculty and conference attendees. Portfolios will be displayed online during the KS/MO Middle of the Map Fall Conference, November 3-6, 2022. Portfolios in the Showcase are eligible to win a $30 art supply gift certificate, and will be judged by conference attendees.

Each illustrator who submits will get their own space in our online showcase. In this space, three images will appear under your name and there will be a link to your personal gallery or website. Illustrators and their images/information will be listed alphabetically by their last names on the showcase website.


PORTFOLIO DEADLINE –  All illustrator showcase attendees who want to participate in the showcase must upload a link to their personal website along with three images using the google form (link below the portfolio guidelines on this page, please read carefully) by 12 pm (CST), October 22, 2022.

Note: You must be registered for the MOTM Conference, in order to submit.




Your submission will consist of three images.

 – Upload your images using the form below. One image for each of the fields File 1, File 2, and File 3.

 – Be certain of the images you wish to upload, as you will not be able to change your submitted images.

 – Each image should be no larger than 1 MB file size.

 – All images will be resized to 200 pixels tall in the showcase. Horizontal images may be wider, but no taller.

 – The file can be either “jpg” or “png” format.

 – Be sure the filename consists of your last name and image number order, we will place the thumbnails on the showcase site in this order. example: omalley1.jpg  omalley2.jpg  omalley3.jpg

 – All submissions must be received by 12pm (CST), October 22, 2022.

 – If you are unable to use the google form please contact Katie O’Malley





QUESTIONS? – If you have additional questions about the Portfolio Showcase, please email Illustrator Coordinator, Katie O’Malley




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