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Il Sung Na
December 2020 Featured Illustrator

Il Sung Na was born in Seoul, South Korea. In 2001, he moved to London to pursue a BFA in Illustration and Animation at Kingston University, where he discovered a passion for children’s books. Spending much of his spare time perusing book stores, Il Sung realized that he wanted to be like his new favorite authors and tell his own stories. He began trying out illustration with various materials – which was a phase of great trial and error!

Since those days of experimentation, however, Il Sung has published several books, some of which have gained acclaim with Kirkus starred reviews and recognition in prestigious book lists. Currently based in Kansas City, Il Sung spends time teaching illustration courses and working on new books. In his downtime, Il Sung hits the flea markets to expand his collection of old and interesting items, which he then takes home to show off to his wife and small dog.


How did you get started in illustration? What is your background?
When I was in my foundation year at Kingston University in London (2002-03), I got lucky and met a friend who was really into picture books. We spent countless days in bookstores, reading and talking about books and illustrators, which made me want to make my own picture books. I made countless trials and errors during my time pursuing my Illustration degree.

I was lucky to get my senior thesis project published in the UK, Zzzz: A Book of Sleep (published in the U.S. as A Book of Sleep). Maybe the word ‘lucky’ cannot explain the whole thing, but that’s how I felt – lucky enough to meet the right people at the right place at the right time. I have been writing and illustrating picture books ever since. I lived in London for 8 years and moved back to my home city, Seoul for 5 years until I decided to move to the U.S.


What is your preferred medium, method of working?
For many years I used many mediums, such as ink, color pencil, acrylic and Photoshop. I drew traditionally and collaged them in Photoshop.

Now I am shifting more to an all-digital medium, which I used for my most recent books. But I still love using traditional mediums and still enjoy using colored pencils, markers and inks in my practice.


How did your style and technique develop?
It has been evolving in a good direction. There was a time that I felt stuck with a certain visual language, but it kept evolving ever since I started drawing. The more I draw, the better I see and the more I see, the more I draw. I think this is ongoing learning. I learn new things every day and get inspired by other artists. Curiosity keeps me moving.


What do you find the most challenging in your work?
Finding good ideas is difficult, and I often struggle with writing it out.

For illustration, thumbnail sketches are the most challenging stage for me. Probably the first and second thumbnail sketches are the most difficult parts for me, as it is all about planning.


What would be your dream project?
Or what was your favorite project?
I would like to do independent publishing. I don’t have any specific idea in mind yet but once I have it, I would love to try.

I would love to break some rules that we keep for book formats. It can be different binding/different format, it can be about the gutter or it can be unusual themes for picture books.


Do you have a favorite book(s) from your childhood?
I don’t remember reading many books when I was a kid. I do remember one book I read many times though –The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. Then I read many more picture books after I went to college.


How did you get signed with Painted Words?
I had a couple of bad experiences with my first and the second agency while I was in London. After that, I worked alone without an agency for 6-7 years. It worked out ok. Even though I moved to the U.S., I still had a good relationship with Knopf. But I wanted to try an agent again, so I asked my editor at Knopf and an illustrator friend for suggestions. It was interesting as they both recommended Painted Words. So I met the founder, Lori Nowicki, and we exchanged our passion for picture books. Then it was an easy decision to join them.


Do you have any art supply-type tips you can share with us?
Paint, paper or software that you love, a favorite art store or website to buy supplies or a new product that you’ve tried, etc.?
I don’t typically buy many materials but I just use things available to me. But sometimes, I find things at They have various pen selections as well as brushes.


Any words of advice for those just starting out in illustration?
What do you wish you would have known sooner in your author/illustrator career?
See more and draw more. Being an illustrator is lifelong learning. Be curious and keep asking questions. When you find an answer, it can become your story and your book. Keep your dreams alive and make your beautiful idea grow.


What’s next for you? Any upcoming book releases we should be on the lookout for?
I just finished two books. It was my first time illustrating other author’s stories. It was fun and also different.

My Tree by Hope Lim will be out in Spring 2021 with Neal Porter Books/ Holiday House. The story is about a boy who recently arrived from Korea and finds a plum tree in his new backyard. It reminds him of a tree his family had back home and it becomes his tree. Hope Lim brings her perspective on the struggle for child immigrants to feel at home to bear through spare and poetic text.

Wild Peace by Irene Latham also will be out in 2021 with Roaring Book Press/ Macmillan. It is about a girl who escapes a hectic world by stepping into the forest where woodland creatures teach her about peace. I am also working on a couple of story ideas but they’re not solid yet. It always takes time to get to the point where I want. Hopefully, I can shape and polish them soon.




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