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Welcome PAL and Independently Published Creators!


We want YOU to be an active part of the Kansas-Missouri region. You have so much to offer other kidlit authors and illustrators and we would like to both benefit from your knowledge and provide you with opportunities to promote your books.


On this page, we will list resources and opportunities for our PAL members and Independently Published Creators (IPC). If you have other suggestions of what to include or programming to bring to our region, please email us at



What is a PAL member?


PAL stands for “Published and Listed.“ Books are considered PAL when they are published by traditional publishing houses that do not charge money to authors and illustrators. Only PAL books are eligible for the Crystal Kite and Golden Kite Awards and may be sold at SCBWI events. All published children’s books (both PAL and non-PAL) are eligible for the Book Launch Grant, Online Book Launch Parties, and can be sold in the SCBWI Online Bookstore. To check the list of publishers that qualify for PAL status, please click here.

How do I change my membership once I achieve PAL status?

Log in to your profile page on At the bottom left under Publications, click ADD to enter images and information about your work. When you click SAVE on your profile page, your status will be automatically changed to PAL.




Resources for Independently Published Creators (IPC)


SCBWI membership provides authors and illustrators access to member-only publications chocked full of information on the business of independent publishing, up-to-date information on the technical tools used by authors who self-publish, guidebooks on how to self-publish a children’s book, awards & grants to offset the cost of publishing  and launching your book, and much more.


To receive updates and information about SCBWI’s self-publishing programs and publications, members should go into their member profile and click the box that says, “Independently Published.” Associate, Full, and PAL members who check this box will receive notifications about programs and publications specifically geared towards members who publish independently.


The Spark Award is an annual award that recognizes excellence in a children’s book published through a non-traditional publishing route. Click HERE for a list of full benefits.





How to Promote Your New Book


1. SCBWI Bulletin is currently printing news of AWARDS only.  If you would like to submit an article to The Bulletin, please query with the topic of your story and a brief bio. Two hundred and fifty issues of SCBWI’s Bulletin, representing forty-two years of articles and advice, are now archived and easily searchable on the SCBWI website. To submit illustrations check out Art Spot.



2. BOOKSTOP is an annual event for published authors and illustrators to promote their books at our online SCBWI BookStop event. Members can create a special sales page on the SCBWI website every October through November for a newly published book. SCBWI BookStop pages are available online for six weeks. Visitors can browse, purchase, and enjoy learning about you and your book. 


BookStop 2022 has come to a close. Stay tuned this fall for the next chance to participate.

The SCBWI BookStop is a fantastic way for SCBWI members to boost your newly published book’s outreach. Design a one-of-a-kind online page that gives visitors an inside look at you and your book.

For $25, you can choose from one of our beautiful pre-designed templates, hosted here at for the general public to browse, purchase, and enjoy! You may post more than one book, but you must purchase a separate page for each one. 

The SCBWI BookStop promotion will last six weeks, from October to December, and is available for all books published in 2021, 2022, and 2023. All books that are already published in 2023 OR WILL BE PUBLISHED IN 2023 are eligible. You may have more than one book on BookStop, but a page for each must be purchased separately. 

To purchase an SCBWI BookStop: members simply log in to and click “My SCBWI BookStop” on the left side of your profile starting in September.

Check out this link to BookStop 2022 for all the details.


3. SCBWI awards are a great way to get noticed! SCBWI presents several annual awards to recognize works by SCBWI members that exhibit excellence in writing or illustration, and genuinely appeal to the interests and concerns of children. Grants are awarded throughout the year and provide financial assistance to members to finish works-in-progress, polish portfolios, attend conferences, market published books, and more.


4. Social Media: KS/MO is active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you have book releases, launch events, and other book-related news to share, please fill out the Social Media Form at least 4 weeks prior to your ‘good news’. Or feel free to tag us on social media and we will do our best to share the love.


5. Scribbles Newsletter is a quarterly publication for the KS/MO region of SCBWI. Please contact Sue Bradford Edwards at Any news you send her should be ready to copy and paste into the newsletter. For example “Nancy Writer’s new picture book FUN FIGS has been released by Big Name Publisher.” If you want to be included in the monthly KS/MO’s Second Saturday‘s Newsletter, please contact  Nicki Jacobsmeyer (Co-RA) at We encourage you to take full advantage of these free services to maximize your book’s launch.


6. In the Kansas City area, if you have an interest in speaking about your book or your process, Mid-Continent Public Library (MCPL is open to ideas. Just fill out this form, and they will consider you as a potential presenter. Open Call for Library Programs! MCPL Library program submissions form are now open! The Mid-Continent Public Library is looking for great pitches for exciting library programs and experiences. We accept program proposals from a vast array of fields and backgrounds in hopes of connecting distinct talents with the dynamic communities we serve. We hope to hear from you soon! 


Thanks! And congratulations on your publishing success!





“My Process” Shop Talks: Share the process of making your book! We are currently accepting traditional and self-published authors and illustrators from our region for 2023. Please contact Amanda Flinn (PAL Coordinator) at if you would like the opportunity to present to your peers.






Every month on the KSMO SCBWI website, we celebrate one author and one illustrator from our region. If you would love for this to be you, please email our PAL coordinator, Amanda Flinn at with Subject line: “Request to be Featured.”

Twice a year, we celebrate our members new book releases in an effort to support local, read local and share local. The flyer can be presented to your local libraries or schools and shared on social media. Watch your email for information on when to submit for the next installment.



Speaker’s Bureau

Traditionally or independently published authors and illustrators can advertise in our Speaker’s Bureau, an online database used by teachers and librarians to find speakers for school visits. Members, remember to register, set up, and frequently update your speaker profile with topics and links to your website!



Other Opportunities


Illustrator Gallery — Illustrators can feature their online portfolios in our Illustrator Gallery, which is visited by art directors and others looking to hire illustrators.


Recommended Reading List — Traditionally published authors may opt to have their books listed on SCBWI’s Recommended Reading List, which is distributed to independent bookstores and libraries across the country, as well as conferences such as ALA and NCTE.


Happy Book Birthday — This SCBWI program invites all members to promote their newly published work in the same month the book is released. On the first day of each month, all submitted book covers will be displayed on the Happy Book Birthday page on and advertised through social media.


SCBWInvite —A project of community building, SCBWInvite is a comprehensive listing of events hosted by SCBWI members all around the world. The events are organized by location, date and type of event, and made available to SCBWI members and the public.


PRO-INSIDER — The PRO-INSIDER is a digital publication for PAL (Published and Listed) members. This quarterly newsletter is filled with information on building and maintaining a successful career as a professional writer or illustrator. The PRO-INSIDER features articles about contracts, royalties, marketing, school visits, taxes, and everything a professional writer or illustrator might need to know.


The Book — As a SCBWI member you have instant access to The Book: The Essential Guide to Publishing for Children. The Book is filled with up-to-the-minute market surveys as well as information on maximizing social media, creating book trailers, enhancing your career through school visits, best practices in independent publishing, grassroots promotion, and much more. Members can also order a hard copy of The Book for the cost of printing and shipping.


INSIGHT — SCBWI’s INSIGHT is a monthly digital publication featuring current children’s book news, hot topics, helpful hints, exclusive interviews, and monthly contests. Members receive the SCBWI INSIGHT in their inbox on the first of every month as a supplement to our quarterly Bulletin.


Discounts — In addition to discounts at SCBWI events and conferences, members of SCBWI also receive discounts for services including Writer’s Digest, Scapple and Scrivener software licenses, Squarespace, and Publisher’s Weekly subscriptions. Discounts and coupon codes for members only. Click HERE to learn more.


**ReadLOCALis a Mid-Continent Public Library initiative that highlights local authors through a curated collection of books. This is NOT affiliated with SCBWI, but it may be a nice resource for our published authors/illustrators near Kansas City. Please research thoroughly to assure the information is correct and suited to you.